About Thorp Brothers

Theodore Thorp founded the business in Lista, Norway in 1910, after serving a carpentry furniture making apprenticeship in Europe. He began producing hand crafted furniture in the traditional manner. After becoming a expert in the trade he emigrated to the United States where there was a great demand for these skills. Most artisans at the time became well known for their meticulous and expert craftsmanship. He arrived on Ellis Island in 1929 and in 1933 he opened Thorp Brothers with his two sons, Gunnar and Adolf Thorp, who where honorably discharged from the United States Army after serving their country in the European and Asian theaters of war.

Theodore Thorp

The post World War II period brought an abundance of antique treasures into the United States from Europe, so primarily the company’s focus began to be restoration of old master paintings and decorative furniture. As the company grew many artisans with different background and heritages came to work for the firm and specialized in different aspects of the trade.

Adolf’s son, Allen, has been with company since a teen and continues till this day. At the present day workshop with 2 master craftsmen and a few apprentices, 3 generations of the Thorp family have always taken great care in period correct restorations. Then and still to this day we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

NY Times - 1977

Over 85 years of Continued Restoration Services in New York Tri-State Area